What Is A High Conversion Sales Funnel

In this post, we will cover what is a high conversion sales funnel. By the end of the post you will learn what a sales funnel is and how it works.

what is a sales funnel

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is really just a sales process. It’s the path people take on the way to make a buying decision.

A good sales funnel educates leads during the entire process in order to help them make a buying decision.

There are many ways to create a sales funnel. One popular method online is to use software such as Clickfunnels™ or one of my favorites – the HBA Funnel Builder.

You can combine your web page / sales funnel pages with an email follow up series to have a complete end to end sales funnel process.

What is a High Conversion Sales Funnel?

A high conversion sales funnel is one that converts leads into sales at a high percentage.

One way to increase your conversion rates is by A / B split testing. Successful businesses split test everything from their email optin pages to their sales pages in order to get the highest conversion rates possible.

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Sample Sales Funnel

sample sales funnel

The 5 Stages Of A Sales Funnel

Here are the five stages of a sales funnel process.

  • Awareness – learning about a problem and potential solutions
  • Interest – actively searching for solutions (Google / Youtube, etc.)
  • Decision – making the decision if they want the solution you have
  • Action – purchasing the product or service
  • Retention – keeping customer happy so that they will be a repeat customer

Here Is An Example Of One Of My Sales Funnels

example sales funnel

I get traffic from places like Social Media, YouTube, Google, etc.. That traffic is directed at either my blog, my YouTube channel, or my Sales Funnel lead capture page.

If the traffic is destined for my blog or YouTube channel, I will provide valuable content that discusses something that relates to my Sales Funnel.

Then I will have a link to the top of my Sales Funnel in the content on my blog, or in the description on my YouTube video.

From there, the leads are added to my email list via my Sales Funnel and Email Autoresponder integration.

The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

Once the leads are on my email list, I have an automated follow up series (anywhere from 5 to 10+ days) where the leads get valuable emails that educate them on why they need the product of service that I’m offering.

Most people don’t buy upon the first exposure to something. Industry experts say that it takes an average of seven exposures to a product or service before someone makes a buying decision.

That’s why it is SO IMPORTANT to capture the email addresses of your leads. In fact, that should be YOUR #1 PURPOSE! This is where beginners fail. They are so focused on selling a product or service, that they fail to look at the bigger picture.

One Last Tip

high conversion sales funnel

One last piece of advice I would give is to always use a bridge page (thank you page) in your sales funnel process.

Your bridge page bridges you with the product of service you are recommending. It also helps to build Know, Like, and Trust.

People tend to buy from people they Know, Like, and Trust so building relationships with bridge pages and email follow ups are important things if you want to build a successful online business.

Final Thoughts

If you want to learn more about sales funnels, including affiliate marketing, email marketing, and how to make money online the right way, click on the link below.

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