The Home Business Academy Review

Read this The Home Business Academy Review post before you join! An honest and detailed review by a member of the HBA.

The Home Business Academy Review

What Is The Home Business Academy?

The Home Business Academy is a training membership site that teaches people how to generate leads and sales for any business.  (No guarantees of income, always see our earnings disclaimer below).

The Home Business Academy was started by two people, Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings.  These are two seven figure earners who have been very successful in many previous home businesses.

The Home Business Academy Review founders Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings.

Why was the HBA started?

After being involved with many companies over the years, Mike and Paul noticed a lot of similarities in many home based businesses.

There were many things Mike and Paul loved about these companies. Things like being job free, having time freedom, the ability to eliminate debt, and the potential to change the world.

There were also, however, many things they didn’t love about the home business industry.

the home business academy review founders and creators paul hutchings and mike hobbs.

Things like unrealistic compensation plans, and high pressure sales tactics. Also things like constant pressure to buy more products, companies making decisions that hurt people’s income, and companies going out of business. 

So Paul and Mike decided to do something about the way they felt. So they started their own new company called The Home Business Academy.

You can check out The Home Business Academy Review video below.

The tag line of The Home Business Academy is…

How to build a wildly profitable income stream from home without lies, hype, manipulation, or pressure.

Because Mike and Paul wanted to be the change that they always wanted to make in the home business industry and also in the world.

What is the Home Business Academy Review all about?

The Home Business Academy is a training platform that contains the accumulation of all of the experiences of Mike and Paul rolled up into a very attractive membership site.

Paul and Mike took everything that worked for them to help them be successful top earners in many home businesses and turned that information into many training modules.

The Home Business Academy Review also uncovers the various business models that the HBA training works for.

These business models include Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, and E-Commerce.

What are the components of the Home Business Academy membership site?

The Home Business Academy membership site contains the following five main sections.

  • Mindset
  • Skillset – Core – Low Tech
  • Skillset – Advanced – High Tech
  • Live Academy Masterminds
  • Bonus Vault


the home business academy review membership site mindset training

Today’s Mastermind Audio – they have a daily mastermind audio that you can listen to each day.  Paul also hosts a live daily call Monday thru Friday and the recordings are available in the membership site.

Featured Mastermind Audios –  this section has the top rated and most popular mastermind audio files to listen to.

The Laws of Complete Success Library – this section contains many books based on success laws, building profitable businesses, and building wealth that can be accessed for free.

Audio Goldmine – and this is truly what it says as there are a ton of audio files based on mindset and success going all the way back to 2011.  Paul has been hosting daily calls for five days a week for almost a decade and these are the recordings of all of those calls.

Skillset – Core – Low Tech

the home business academy membership site review low tech skillset training

The Bridge To Your Dreams – this section discusses your dreams, your vision, and your goals.

Launching Your Business – and this section goes over the framework and overall process of launching your business and getting it up and running the right way.  They also cover a concept about planting seeds as a metaphor for your business.

Nourishing The Seed By Following Up – this section talks about the importance of following up with potential customers and how to follow up the right way.

3 Steps To Irresistible Invitations – because this section gives you a proven three step process to irresistible  invitations.  Also covered is how to handle curve balls and how to respond the right way.

Simple Free Unlimited Leads With FB – this section talks about setting up FB and using it the right way to get unlimited leads and make sales.  So this is some of the best free FB training I’ve ever seen.

FB Live Mastery – this section teaches how to do FB Lives the right way so that you attract people to you and turn them into fans and potentially customers.

Linkedin Recruiting Master – this section teaches how to generate leads and potential sales leveraging the power of Linkedin.

How to Close Online Leads – this section teaches you how to close leads online using proven strategies that Mike and Paul have leveraged over the years to become top earners.

Getting Your New Team Member Started Right – and this section shows you how to get your new team member started out the right way and how to develop those critical relationships with your new member.

Bookmarks & Browser Setup – this section shows you how to setup your browser and bookmarks in order to be more productive and efficient.

Keeping Track of Passwords – this section is all about password management and leveraging a free app to save all of your passwords and autofill your online sites.

Voicemail and Email Setup – shows you how to setup your voicemail and email the right way in order to come across as an attractive character and leader in your business.

Skillset – Advanced – High Tech

the hba membership high tech skill set training

The Big Picture – this section goes over the high level overview of how everything works in regards to the sales process, your online assets, lead capture pages, bridge pages, email marketing, etc..

Target Marketing – this section discusses how to target the right audience for your business.

Domain Names – 101 & 102 – this section discusses what domain names are, why you need them, and how to choose the right domain names for your business.

The Lead Magnet – this section discusses what a lead magnet is, why you need one, and how to use a lead magnet to generate leads.

YouTube Ranking – this section teaches you how to leverage YouTube to generate leads and sales.  This section has 15 videos and covers everything YouTube A-Z.  This is some of the best YouTube training I’ve ever seen.

Blogging – this section teaches you how to setup and use a blog to generate leads, sales, and passive income online.  This section alone has 12 videos that teaches you everything you need to get started with a blog.

FB Ads – this section teaches you everything you need to know about FB Ads, how to use them, and how to implement them the right way in order to generate leads and sales.

Live Academy Masterminds

the home business academy membership site live mastermind training

Daily Mindset Mastermind Live – Join Paul, Mike and their entire community of freedom crusaders live each Monday through Friday morning at 9 AM EST for the live production of our daily mastermind audio.   This was also discovered as part of the Home Business Academy review.

Weekly Marketing Mastermind Live & Replay

Weekly Marketing Mastermind Live & Replay – this is a weekly interactive mastermind training where you can get answers from six and seven figure earners.  So this is the closest thing to one on one coaching with top earners.

Bonus Vault

Access The Private Blog Network – so this section shows you how to leverage a PBN to get more traffic to your blog / websites.

Three Lessons For Freedom and Beginning Seeds of the HBA – this section has videos from Paul discussing his vision for freedom and for the HBA.

Clarifying Vision and Dreamscaping Your Perfect Day – like the bonus training about your vision and mindset for your perfect day.

How much does the HBA Membership Cost?

The Home Business Academy membership costs $125 per month to maintain access to all of the above information contained in their membership site.

The Home Business Academy Affiliate Program

The HBA has an affiliate program where you can earn 80% commissions for each sale.  This means you earn $100 per month for each sale.  This also means that you can refer two people and be in the profit.

The HBA Compensation Plan

The Home Business Academy Compensation Plan is a simple straight forward plan.  You earn 80% commissions on each sale and their are no admin fees or other hidden costs.

The Home Business Academy Feeds Starving Children

One of the most awesome things I found out about the HBA is that they use a percentage of every sale to help feed starving kids! This is very important to me because it shows that the Home Business Academy doesn’t just care about helping people, they want to help change the world.

the hba helps to feed starving children

To date, the HBA has provided over 59,000 meals to starving children.

The Pros and Cons of The Home Business Academy


  • No hype, lies, pressure, or manipulation
  • Top notch training from 7 figure earners
  • 80% commissions paid on a weekly 7 day payout cycle means you get paid quickly
  • A percentage of every sale goes to feed starving children!  To Date, the HBA has bought over 59,000 meals.
  • $100 recurring monthly income for each referral sale to the HBA
  • Low tech marketing skills that even beginners can start using today
  • High tech marketing training to learn how to generate passive income 24x7x365
  • Daily calls
  • Mindset training
  • Weekly interactive marketing masterminds – closest thing to one on one coaching
  • Private FB Group
  • Great community of supportive people


  • $125/month can be expensive to some folks.  Good news is you can refer 2 and be in the profits
  • Application process is lengthy and asks a lot of questions.  Update, the application process has been redone to be shorter and less questions.
  • Not many corporate websites, banner ads, etc. to leverage.  I think this is a good thing but some would say this is a Con.  The HBA trains you to be unique in the marketplace by creating your own unique sites and web pages.  This is one tip of top earners – they know that you must be unique in the marketplace.  

Final Thoughts

The Home Business Academy is a membership site that provides training on how to generate leads and sales for any business.  You can also make a nice recurring monthly income by referring people to the HBA.  

The membership site has top notch training by seven figure earners.  These guys teach what works and what they have used to become top earners in multiple businesses. 

The Home Business Academy takes a percentage of every sale and buys food for starving children.  To date they have bought over 59,000 meals which is awesome!

In closing, I believe the Pros more than outweigh the Cons. Because of this, I would recommend the Home Business Academy to anyone looking to build an online income or generate more leads and sales for their business.

If you like this post and want to join the Home Business Academy, you can get started by Clicking Here for just $1 today for a 7 day trial. I am a member and an affiliate of the HBA. By joining through my link you won’t pay any more than normal and I will receive a commission.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this honest post of The Home Business Academy Review.

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