Picking A Profitable Niche

In this How To Make Money Online in 2020 Picking A Profitable Niche Post I cover the following topics:


  • Traits of a Profitable Niche
  • How to Perform Niche Research
  • Broad or Micro Niche
  • How To Find Out What Your Niche Audience Is Looking For
  • Niche Customer Research
  • How To Turn What You Already Know Into A Profitable Business (Your Niche)

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Traits of a Profitable Niche

  • The most profitable niches are health, wealth and relationships.
  • The best niches are passion niches (hobbies, need to solve a pain).
  • Repeat buyers and multiple products to market
  • Has businesses that are already offering products and services. 
  • Competition is a good thing – people are already spending $$ in the niche
  • Already has info products, services, physical products (doesn’t need to have all 3 but even better it does).

Niche Research

  • Amazon
  • Dummies
  • Magazines
  • Clickbank

What Is Your Goal?

  • Broad Niche, Nicheing it Down, Micro Niche (Men’s Health, Fitness Juicers)
  • Do you want to just make short term money or create a long term
  • I prefer to pick a broad niche I can build a brand and expand to
    multiple traffic sources and create content on multiple platforms
  • I pick niches with lots of products and repeat buyers.

What Is Your Audience Looking For?

  • Step 1- Figure out what content to create to attract them to you.
  • Step 2- Find the communities you can be actively involved in to build your following.
  • Step 3- Note down everything you find for ideas for content, bonus packages
    for offers, products to create, freebies to create to build your list, etc.
  • Identify your audience, their problems/pains/frustrations
  • How can you help them?  What products/services can you offer?
  • FB Fan Pages, FB Groups, Forums, Google Search, Youtube Search
  • Google niche + forum   niche + blog niche + keywords (how to quilt)
  • Same for Youtube as above

Turn Your Knowledge Into $$ Business

  • Expert Secrets By Russell Brunson
  • Great book – talks about how to turn 
  • Knowledge that you already have into
  • A profitable business.  Helps you to 
  • Find your voice, get your message out
  • To the masses and inspire others.

Final Thoughts

  • Pick a niche you like the idea of. (Don’t overcomplicate it)
  • I pick niches with lots of products and repeat buyers.
  • If you struggle to pick one niche, pick 5 you like and write them down on
    separate pieces of paper. Put them in a hat and pick one.
  • If you still can’t decide, don’t beat yourself up.  You can start with one niche and add or switch to another down the road.  
  • It’s better to take action even if you are unsure.  Indecision is one of the main reasons people stay stuck. 
  • If you want to model after me, you can start with the Wealth niche – how to make money with an online business. 

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