Heal Worldwide Compensation Plan Review

Are you looking for the quick details on the Heal Worldwide Compensation plan? If so, tune in – and pay attention because I’m going to break it down for you so you can get the info you need, fast.

My name is Paul Hutchings and I’ve been earning a full time income for about a decade now. I’m also the author of the Ultimate Heal Worldwide Review – a 3,500 word in depth blog post on this company which took me several weeks of research to compose.

I mention this only because many articles you’ll find on this topic are written by people with a very superficial knowledge on the topic.

Not so with this post.

So let’s dig in, shall we?

This post is organized around the following topics so feel free to keep reading all the way through or click on one of the links below to skip ahead to the part of the Heal Worldwide comp plan that you’re most interested in.

Is Heal Worldwide An MLM or Affiliate Compensation Plan

So this is definitely the first big thing to understand about the plan. Because it does have a power line portion where people are placed below you in a straight line after you join, it could be easy to mistake Heal Worldwide for an MLM Plan.

The truth is, however, this is a very, very small part of the plan. The vast majority of the commissions in Heal (I would say at least 95% or more) are paid out in what’s known as a 1 tier direct referral payout.

This makes it so most of the money you make in Heal, should you decide to join, will be paid out in an affiliate model.

What percentage of payout will I earn on my product sales?

The highest commission payout you’ll earn in the Heal Comp plan will be the money you earn on your digital product sales – and that’s 33% max.

As far as payouts go, I would say 33% is decent although certainly not groundbreaking.

Over the years, affiliate comp plans with info products have really come a long way with some plans paying as high as 80% per sale as well as other plans that operate in a ‘so called’ 100% payout model (usually with an affiliate fee and/or passup system of some sort).

Coach VIP Part of The Heal Compensation Plan

Coach VIP is the digital recurring membership portion of the heal product line.

It retails for just under $100 a month but if you join within the discount window you can get if for under $49 dollars per month.

This membership pays a 33% commission on all your personal referrals which mean you can earn around $16 per sale on all your direct referrals.

This is not bad when compared to what you’ll earn on your personal referrals in most MLM comp plans and it’s a little light when compared to what you can earn in other affiliate marketing plans.

For example, the company I represent has a $25 monthly product that pays $20 residuals on.

The Power Line Portion Of The Heal Comp Plan

So this is the part of the plan that kind of makes you want to think Heal Worldwide is an MLM – even thought it’s really not.

Basically it works like this.

When you join – everyone who joins the company after you will be placed below you in a straight line compensation payout.

The company says that 10% goes into this straight line, which means that on the $49 product – you’ll earn about $4.90 per customer placed in your line.

I’m not 100% sure what the limit is here – but I do know for a fact that you will be capped on this payout and here’s why.

If $16 of the $49 product goes to the referrer, that leaves $33 left to split between the company and the straight line.

For examples sake, let’s say the company keeps none of this… that would leave $4.40 spread out among 6 or 7 levels.

The bottom line here is that the payout on this portion of the comp plan – I think will be very low and will definitely not be anywhere near the bulk of anyone’s check.

That being said, it’s fun – adds a team building aspect and encourages people to join sooner rather than later so I can definitely see how it serves a purpose.

The Digital Product Payout Portion Of heal

Heal Worldwide is a company that has both digital and physical products. For a full breakdown of all of the heal worldwide products please see my official heal worldwide review here.

The digital portion of the plan pays out 33%, one tier.

From the research I did – I discovered that they used to pay on more than one level (multi – tier) but as of 2020, it looks like that part has been taken away and they pay just 1 tier.

If you sell a more expensive digital product, you’ll earn more of course.

They have digital products ranging from low ticket (coach VIP as discussed above) all the way up to high ticket – $1,000 plus.

I personally like 1 tier payouts because your income is 100% in your own control and for me, that feels way more empowering than placing my income in the hands of others.

The Tangible Product Payout In Heal

The heal worldwide health products marketed through the heal worldwide comp plan pay out 17% on personal sales – which would net, you the rep, around $10 to $12 per sale – depending on whether the customer paid retail, or got on an auto ship for the wholesale pricing.

Again, the actual dollar amount is not bad when compared to MLM plans.

Making Money From Selling Heal Apparel

One big plus to Heal is that they seem to have a really great community with a message that resonates with people.

Why not slap that message and vibe on some t-shirts and logo gear?

What a great idea, and guess what – they have.

Not only that but if you decide to promote heal gear, you can actually earn a small percentage of the sales which is sort of unique since most companies will either sell logo gear at no profit and chalk it up to branding/culture – or just keep whatever little profits are made since they figure it’s not worth the hassle to try and track commissions on.

Not so with Heal. You’ll earn 20% commissions on all logo gear you sell on a 1 tier basis which net you around $5 per sale on a $20 or so shirt.

Probably not going to get super rich on this part but hey, every little bit helps right?

Pocketing Profits From Heal Events

The last part of the Heal Compensation plan that you’ll probably want to be aware of is the event ticket sales.

Paying commissions on events is some what common in the High Ticket space, but not as much in lower tier (mlm) or affiliate space.

With the heal comp plan, you can earn anywhere from 15 to 50% on even ticket sales.

I couldn’t find any details on the specifics here – so I guess for now, we’ll just have to settle with knowing that they are paying on events.

Heal Worldwide Compensation Plan Wrap up

From everything I can see this comp plan looks legit.

As I mentioned before, the 1 tier payouts are awesome because you are 100% in control of your income.

The straight line is good for excitement, urgency and some team building.

They have high ticket which makes it possible to earn some bigger commissions on bigger sales which is definitely something that some people love. My take on high ticket is to just be careful before jumping in and be aware of some of the dangers before deciding to go full force.

I’m not saying never do high ticket, just saying be cautious. You may want to check out my article on some of the dangers of high ticket here to see what I’m talking about.

I sincerely hope this article has helped you to learn some things that have helped you to make a great decision regarding this company.

Thanks for reading and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings


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  1. Paul – this was a great read and helping to understand the compensation plan of Heal. What’s interesting is that they have physical and digital products. Most home business companies only have digital products nowadays, so I think its a nice touch to have physical ones too. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  2. Hey LT.. Thanks so much my friend.. Totally agree.. Super unique that Heal is doing Digital and Physical products… So amazing to see the cool new ideas and ways people come up with to help others make money…

  3. Best review of Heal Worldwide I’ve seen yet. You answered every question I had, and ones I didn’t even think to ask. And I love that there’s even a table of contents! Thanks so much for providing everything I needed in my search today.

    • WAHOOO! Hot dog, hot dog hot diggitty dog! So happy to hear this post on the Heal Worldwide comp plan was helpful Amy.. Thanks for the stopping by and glad you liked the TOC… < – BOOM 🙂 you rock!


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