Free Cloud Tools – LastPass Password Manager

In this LastPass review post, I am going to share one of my favorite free Cloud Tools that will make your life easier and more productive.

LastPass – Free Cloud based password manager.  The Last Password that you will ever need to remember!

LastPass allows you to store all of your passwords securely in one place.  Once saved into LastPass, you can access your login information and passwords for all of your sites from your laptop, desktop, smartphone, and tablet.

LastPass can also autofill your login information into websites that are stored in LastPass via integration will all major browsers.

LastPass also has a password generator feature – so no more of making every password this same so you can remember it.  So instead of having your password as your dog’s name and a number for every website, your passwords can be unique and strong for every website that you access.

This minimizes the threat of some bad guys stealing your password and having access to every website that you have access to.  Instead of your password being fluffy24 (which is easy to guess / crack by the way), one password could be something like SX!d5am8ynEjpGuT#UYuO9Xzn^2 for one site and 8%tQzGWwz^W*!Y&[email protected] for the next.

The beauty is that you don’t have to remember these passwords or write them down!  LastPass securely stores your information as encrypted data so even if the data is ever compromised, the unencrypted information would be very difficult if not impossible to obtain.

The only password you ever have to remember again is the one to login to LastPass.  I suggest using a password phrase instead of a word.  A phrase is easier to remember and harder for bad actors to crack.

So for example, if your dog’s name is Spot maybe your passphrase could be Don’t Forget To Give Spot A Bone!  But I would take it one step further and substitute the o’s with 0 (zeros), the e’s with 3’s, the S with a $, and the B with an 8.  Also add a few special characters (keep the spaces too, Lastpass can handle spaces as characters).

So the updated version would be #D0n’t F0rg3t T0 Giv3 $p0t A 80ne!  This is an easy to remember passphrase that is very difficult to guess or crack and the only passphrase you need to every remember to access all of your websites, secure notes, etc..

Access LastPass from anywhere using the power of the Cloud and LastPass!  This makes LastPass one of my favorite free Cloud tools!  I’ve been using LastPass for several years now and I don’t know what I would do without it.

Want to be even more secure?  I know I do 🙂 .  In the next Cloud Tools post I will show you another  one of my favorite free Cloud tools.  It can  also be combined with LastPass to make it dare I say impossible for somebody to guess or use your passphrase to access LastPass.

Until next time remember that there really is Money In The Cloud!  If you liked this post, comment below!

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