Choosing The Right Brand Name

In this How To Make Money Online in 2020 – Choosing Your Brand Name Vlog Post I cover the following topics:


  • What will be your brand (name)?
  • Brand yourself, not another company, product
  • If you don’t have a brand, brand yourself (
  • Domain name research (GoDaddy / Namecheap).
  • Choose domain name that’s easy to spell and pronounce.
  • Google GoDaddy coupon code – normally a 20-30% discount…
  • Don’t overthink – brand may change several times down the road
  • Pick your brand / your name, get your domain name, and move forward

Watch The How To Make Money Online In 2020 – Choosing Your Brand (Name) Video Below

What Is Your Brand?

  • Do You Already Have A Brand Name In Mind?
  • Your Brand Name Will Directly Associate With Your Online Domain
  • You Want To Brand Yourself, Not A Part Of Another Company
  • Make Sure You Choose A Brand Name That Is Easy To Pronounce And Spell
  • If You Can’t Think Of A Brand, Choose or a variation

Getting Your Domain Name

  • Your Domain Name – Online Digital Asset – Reflects Your Brand
  • Choose A .com domain if at all possible.  
  • Domain Name – Easy To Spell & Pronounce, Benefit Driven If Possible
  • Godaddy  and Namecheap – two largest Domain Name Providers
  • Do Search To See If Domain Is Available and Cost
  • (Note – Most Web Hosting Providers Will Provide One Domain For Free So Keep This In Mind)
  • I Like To Host All Of My Domain Names In One Place (GoDaddy)
  • Google Search GoDaddy coupon code – 30% off code for Domain name
  • Don’t Get Web Hosting Or Email Marketing From GoDaddy – 
  • I prefer to not have all my eggs in one basket


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  1. Hello Todd – Great post here in advising on tips to choosing the right brand new. I love the aspect of “branding yourself” and not the company. I think this is super important. Thanks for the great tips. 🙂


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