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Successful Vs Unsuccessful People


  • Tactical Vs Philosophical
  • The Easy Button
  • Traits Of Unsuccessful People
  • Traits Of Successful People
  • Skillset Vs Mindset
  • Recommendation To Keep You On Track Every Day

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Tactical Vs Philosophical

  • In this training, I will teach you the tactics to start an online business
  • Tactics aren’t enough – too many people don’t talk about the the non tactical
  • Tactics and strategies are the how
  • Philosophical is the why
  • Too many people quit when they face even the slightest challenges
  • Successful people overcome challenges, learn to adapt
  • It’s not how you face success, it’s how you face and overcome failures
  • Are you in it for the long game?

Where’s The Easy Button??

  • Too much hype and BS out there – easy button, make money with little work
  • There Is NO EASY BUTTON!!!  
  • Just as with everything else in life, building a business takes time and WORK
  • Define work?  Is it digging ditches, working on a roof in 100+ degree F ?
  • Work in an online business boils down to two things really
  • Research and publishing content.  Yes, there’s still setting up tools, websites, email sequences, etc. (we will cover these in other videos)
  • Work = value based content marketing, learning new skills, working on mindset
  • So is it really work when you consider it compared to a job?
  • You can research and publish content from anywhere – home, back yard, poolside, beach, while traveling…

Traits of Unsuccessful People

  • Secretly Hope Others Fail
  • Blame Others For Their Failures
  • Fear Change
  • Exude Anger
  • Never Set Goals
  • Hold A Grudge
  • Talk About People
  • Give Up When Faced With Challenges
  • Complain That Life Isn’t Fair
  • Don’t Read – Watch TV, Social Media instead

Traits of Successful People

  • Want Others To Succeed
  • Compliment Others
  • Embrace Change
  • Exude Joy
  • Set Goals
  • Forgive Others
  • Talk About Ideas
  • Never Give Up – Always Find A Way To Move Forward
  • Accept Responsibilities For Their Failures
  • Continuously Learn And Apply
  • Read Everyday

Skillset vs Mindset

  • You Can Have All Of The Skills In The World but….
  • You Are Not Going To Have Success With A Crappy Mindset / Outlook
  • That’s Why I Am Teaching Both In This Training
  • Skillset + The Right Mindset * Effort = Success
  • I’m NOT talking about motivation here – motivation is short lived
  • I’m talking about working on your mindset every day….
  • Just try to be 1% better at everything you do every day
  • This is not just for business, but for relationships, health, really everything

Recommendation To Keep You On Track

  • Straight Line Leadership Book By Dusan Djukich
  • No Fluff, Helps You Stay Accountable
  • Will help you to call out your own BS
  • You will understand how you can 
  • Change Your Inner Stance Any Time
  • Help You To Stay On Track / Life Changing
  • Read One Chapter Every Day From Now On

Final Thoughts

  • You Are In Control Of Your Future
  • Skillset + The Right Mindset * Effort = Success
  • There Is No Easy Button In Life or Business
  • Follow The Habits Of Successful People
  • Try To Get 1% Better Every Day In Everything You Do
  • Invest in Yourself, Learn New Skills, Apply What You Have Learned
  • Read Straight Line Leadership – One Chapter Every Day
  • Successful People Never Quit – They Keep Going Until!
  • There Has Never Been A Better Time
  • You Are On The Right Path Starting Today

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How To Make Money Online In 2020

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